Don’t Blow Away! Una Planta Lesson: The Wind ~ El Viento

24 Apr

OK, so we’ve mastered the sun (el sol), the earth (la tierra), the rain (la lluvia)…. so all we have left in our Planta unit is the WIND.  As you know, a plant needs these four elements to grow big and strong.  Too bad it isn’t this easy to grow picky eaters at home! Good job, amigos, if you’ve been keeping up.  If you’ve gotten a wee bit behind or are freshly joining us you can see the song we’ve been singing with our Plnata unit here:

Una Planta

In honor of el viento, we’re making windsocks today.  No, not for your feet.  More of the indoor decorative variety that your little ones will love making.  (Word of caution:  Hide the extra streamers unless you want streamers with homemade traffic signs all over your windows as we now do gracias to our Kangaroo Lover.)

Calcetines del  Viento (Ha, ha) Windsocks

You will need:

1 piece construction paper  or corrugated paper (rectangular shaped)

Streamers (cut to length desired)


Hole punch (optional)


Tape, stapler or glue (whatever you have on hand to keep the parts together)


What we did:  Roll construction or corrugated paper into a tube and staple ends together.  Tape streamers to one end so they will flow from bottom (we used four streamers). Make two holes at top of the other end with a hole punch (we used a nail to poke two small holes).  These are for the string to hang your windsock (we used fishing line).

Finished product (ta da!):

One final idea….When I want to enforce a vocabulary word, I often use Spanglish.  You know, a mix of the two languages.  I’ll get a book from the library in English then subsitute a Spanish word, like viento, into the story.  Elmer Takes Off  by David McGee is a great wind book.  We made a game that every time my 5 year old heard me say viento he would make a whoosh sound.  And, as it turns out, he makes a very convincing wind sound.  Brrrr!

¡Adiós Mono!

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